About Me


While that may seem like a laughable amount to some of you, that was the exact amount of money I made with my first course AND IT WAS ASTONISHING to me ?

Well…I wasn’t astonished by what you might think though…

Truth is, I was heartbroken. ?

While $1623.71 definitely made my bank account happy ?, I felt very disappointment ?.

“This isn’t enough to change our lives!” I told my wife, Veronica.

And so…

I threw away the idea of selling courses online and move on to the next shiny-object.

As you might have guessed, I fell into THAT trap!

You know, the one where you go from shiny-object to shiny-object looking for a way to make money online.

You name it, I’ve tried it all: affiliate marketing, niche SEO sites, eBooks, and other stuff that takes too much time to see fast results!

In my mind, if it wasn’t making money fast and if it wasn’t easy to do, it wasn’t worth my time.

I found myself GOING IN CIRCLES…


Every time I’d run into a snag or wall, I’d throw my hands up and start looking for something else that might work.

But then I read about this…

The Agile Framework (for getting shit done)

It wasn’t until one evening when I was reading about The Agile Framework that I started to think differently about how to approach EVERYTHING!

I was doing EVERYTHING the WRONG way!

The discovery I made was that The Agile Framework could be applied to just about every area of LIFE, but more specifically to my point, starting a business online!

So, my approach went from the never-ending loop of disaster it was to this…

The Agile Mastery Framework

I. Learn Something: It all starts with by learning something (but not just like have something in your brain, I mean like actually learning through experience and implementation of something specific).

II. Create A Business: Once you’ve got some chops, you begin by creating a core business, something you can see yourself building into a business online.

III. Attract Leads & Customers: You build or look for ways to attract more leads and customers; creating lead generation systems along the way.

IV. Make Money: And then, by way of offering your audience something you sell, make money.

V. Create More Helpful Products: Something my buddy Noah Kagan, over at Sumo.com, once told me was “if something is working, do more of that dude.” And so, you want to create more helpful products for your following.

In fact, you can even ASK THEM what they want so that there is no guessing game going into product creation mode. This is something I learned from Ryan Levesque over at the Ask Method.

VI. Hit A Wall: Now, if you hit a wall or have a problem/issue along the way, YOU FIGURE IT OUT, tweak or change what you need to, and go back to attracting more leads and customers to your business!


The Tree Ways To Grow Your Business…

The Agile Mastery Framework outlined above does three things to grow your business, almost without thinking about! It checks off all three ways anyone can grow a business (according to Jay Abraham and something I first learned about through Ryan Deiss at DigitalMarketer):

I. Increase the number of clients, get more new prospects into paying customers – per offer this can come from an existing list of customers you have, that someone else has, or cold traffic

II. Increase the average transaction, get each client to buy more at each purchase – This can be accomplished with up selling (higher priced item) and down selling (lower priced item), and cross selling (selling someone else’s product so long as it complements the offer).

III. Increase the frequency that the average client buys from you, get each customer to buy from you more often – By creating more helpful products for your audience, you can increase the number of times they purchase from you. The goal is to continue to deliver results with everything you create. You can even launch beta programs with your existing audience to make sure it’s something that resonates with them and that they will buy.

AAAAALL that to say…

I’m on the other side of all that now and can begin to grow into the online entrepreneur I’ve always dreamed of becoming.

That’s the short version of my origin story.

There’s more, but I’ll write that some other time.